Friday, April 20, 2012

saya anjaa :)

hai sygg. sorry if mma buka blog ppa. saja jaa mau tengok-tengok di blog ni. btw, mma rindu ppa sangat-sangat ;/ baru 5 hari kita berpisah. you know what sygg,every night I remember you and cry because I miss you. I want you to know that I love you so and never let you go because just you can make me happy and only you sygg. I hope you never disappoints me again. I was happy when see you happy and was smiling when with me. I really love to see your smile ppa. its make me feel that just me can make you happy. you are really one that i really wants :) I remember that when you say that only me can make you happy and make you cry. awlololo ;') I thought that you are not sweet like other guy,but it appears I am wrong and in fact, even if you are EGO, tapi dalam hati ada taman sehh. haha. I love you ba sayangg. only you can make me crazy,the same as what you say with me, i'll never let you go away from my life, because you are the one for me. muaaaaaah :*

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